Early orthodontic treatment in Lawrence & Topeka Kansas

Early Childhood Orthodontics

Early orthodontic problems can arise at a very young age. Early treatment may intercept and prevent more serious problems from developing.


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Skeletal Changes of Jaw Structure

Skeletal changes of jaw structure can only be achieved at a young age before development is complete.

Shorter Treatment Time

Early treatment can intercept serious problems from developing and make treatment at a later age shorter and less complicated.

Oral Habits

Long-term destructive habits such as thumb sucking can lead to permanent skeletal modifications making future correction extremely difficult.

Does everyone need early childhood treatment?

Absolutely not! Only certain orthodontic problems require early intervention. In fact, most of our patients are able to wait until most if not all of their permanent teeth erupt to begin their orthodontic treatment.

Preventative Orthodontic Treatment

  • Anterior Cross Bite

  • Over Bite

  • Under Bite

  • Posterior Cross Bite

  • Deep Bite

  • Open Posterior Bite



The staff is Amazing!!!

The staff works so well with children of all ages. My daughter was very apprehensive about having braces. Dr. Wood and his staff helped my daughter to feel very comfortable and she was excited about going in for her next appt. She now has an amazing SMILE! Thank you Oread Orthodontics!
– U.G.

I LOVE the staff.

I could not ask for a better crew to trust with my kids’ smiles!

Oread Orthodontics

Does my child need early treatment?

While most children can achieve a beautiful smile in their teenage years, it doesn’t work in all situations. Request an appointment with Dr. Wood to determine if early childhood treatment is a good option for you,

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